Freelance photographer based in Barcelona (1979)

Xavi Bou was graduated in Geology by Barcelona University while he was studying a at the International Photography Grisart School. Once finished his studies in 2003, Xavi started his professional career in the fashion and advertisement photography world, as a photographer assistant. In 2009, he co-founded with his partner Dani Ciprian, La Crin Studio, a photography retouch studio specialized in big campaigns for national and international brands and magazines. Teaching photography was what he did meanwhile during 4 years at Grisart School.

At the moment Xavi combines his retouch work with the development of his personal photography projects. His passion for nature got him work around it and took this subject as a main character for his artistic projects.
Exploring technical possibilities of the photography borders and having nature as the main subject, the author tries to get results that make us think about our perception, creating a new point of view of our environment.

Ornitographies, the project Xavi is working on at the moment, got him to publish in the main European magazines, like The Guardian, The Volkstrant, Sonntag, The Spiegel, National Geographic or Geo. His project also was exhibited in Holand, United Estates and Spain.
Xavi still working in this project and researching for the next one.